Why? Because of “Shameless.” It’s starring Emmy Rossum and Justin Long. And he’s likable, dare I say boyish; similar to Adam Brody and Topher Grace. It’s quirky. It’s all shot in this lovey dovey filter. It’s comfortable like a blanket. Sometimes love seems like you’re a deep slumber.

You watch it and think I know how this ends. A romantic dramedy, there’s ebbs and flows, awkwardness and balance. It is a visualization of conversations that only lovers sometimes have. You get invested because if you didn’t know, you now know that you’re a hopeless romantic and doomed. Love requires faith; lust can surely make you question it all.

It gets cheesy of course. Love is corny or it makes us that. You must love dialogue to stomach this. Which I do! The lack chronology rings true to love, long since lost.

Comet is the random pertinent moments of everything when you‘re losing love and to pensive to fight for it, until it’s possibly too late.

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