Dinknesh not Lucy.


A friend of mine wrote a status denouncing the audacity of a movie set to be released called Lucy. From Jump Street, I figured it had something to do with some white woman posing as the mother of all people.

I watched the trailer. I palmed my forehead.

Please don’t read this and think reverse racism or some ridiculous colorblind nonsense. If a white woman can express her solidarity to the natural hair movement surely I can discuss my outrage of the white washing of my/our history. I’m not a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson’s acting.

For nearly three weeks, my niece has lived with me as she attends a dance camp that’s near my home. Last week, she said “Auntie let’s watch Lucy.” I told her not tonight.
Auntie is what she calls me when she wants something that she may not get—instead of just my name.

So, last night she asked again. I made a post about Hollywood not fooling me. I called her mom. She hates that I do this. “It’s just a movie with the girl from Captain America in it. She did good in that movie.” She said.

‘I guess.’

My sister hadn’t seen the movie and said she probably wouldn’t. She said just talk to her first. She’s smart. I told my niece to google “dinknesh ethiopia.” She clicked on the Wikipedia link. Together we read the introduction paragraphs.

I asked her if she knew the definition of a fossil. She thought it is was cool that the fossil was so old. I asked her what she thought that meant. She said “she must’ve been here first.” I allowed her to gather the facts. I wanted to see if a ten year old mind could produce the truth. Lastly, I asked her about Ethiopia. She said “it’s a country in Africa.”

What came next was beautiful.

“Ohhhh, the movie is called lucy and her brain power is better than everybodies but it’s not an African woman. It’s a white woman. Why didn’t they just get an Ethiopian?”

I’m not shocked at my niece’s deductions. My sister communicates very well with her children. And she doesn’t withhold the truth from them. The sheer power of visuals is concrete. Her mother may choose to watch and discuss it further with her.

I come into contact with a lot of children and adults alike that are in need of guidance (such can come from within). Between the loveless, lack of compassion, friendly fire and prison numbers increasing, one can find the real reason people go to great lengths to alter the truth.

2 thoughts on “Dinknesh not Lucy.

  1. How do we guide these children and adults? I noticed you said it can come from within, but if they don’t know they have it within, how do they become aware?

    • They learn about who they are, truly! A lot of people don’t know who dinknesh is let alone Lucy. I didn’t want come off as condescending or as if I had sh together.

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