Omari Hardwick got a new gig.

Power. He got the money, now he wants the respect. Was that corny? I can’t help it. Certain words triggers my mental radio and blast vintage rap lyrics.

A white man and a black man got the juice; the best of both worlds type of thing. But the black guy wants out: retirement, 401K, white sand on beaches. The white boy worships the shit like heaven.

I’m intrigued but not wholly persuaded.

I’ve watched every season of “Boardwalk Empire.” My television and I have had deep conversations on perfect revenge plots. No doubt, I have issues with the UNIA discrepancies as Jeffrey Wright joined the cast as Valentin Narcisse. It’s critically acclaimed. Each actor is effortlessly committed.

Hell, even after watching “The Wire,” certain drama just ain’t gangsta. Maybe the key is Michael K. Williams, our very own Chalky White and Omar Little.

The show is very “The Coldest Winter Ever” meets “True to the Game” a la watered down Studio 54. In no way am I comparing Sister Souljah to Teri Woods or diminishing the infinite influence of 54 on NY’s night life.

But I’m not in high school. So, I can bet on who’s going to die and which chick (possibly Mrs. Patrick played by Naturi Naughton) is going to place a flashy fur coat on an otherwise inconspicuous drug dealer and have him gone for a couple of Novembers.

What I do like, which is odd, is Curtis Jackson. 50 Cent not only executive produced the joint but also has a role to play. The theme music is crack. It comes in like ice cream, yes ice cream. Joe’s voice is so smooth on “Big Rich Town,” that you recall exactly why he ruled the ’90s. As you bob your head in acceptance, you realize Joe needs to drop a new hit. Usher can’t do it all!

What I truly love about “Power” is that it’s bilingual. As a displaced African, I am enamored with language. Its texture, the complexities and how familial it is to those that are so privileged to speak it.

Many ignorantly suggest that language is not imperative to freedom but I strongly infer differently. “Gang Related” also has the precious presence of two languages, three if you include the bits of Russian and Korean. “Power” shares a cast member with “Related,” Lela Loren.

Lastly, maybe I’ve had enough infidelity from the tube that I cringed as I watched “I Gotta Go.” Just know my lip turned up at the dinner table scene and later when Ghost romantically recalls a nostalgic melody. The fifth episode ends with 50 Cent’s tune, “Twisted.”

Omari is adequate eye candy. However, what made “Luther” worth my time other than Idris Elba is that the show was insanely unpredictable and poignantly written.

Watch if you must. I have thus far.

9 thoughts on “Wanksta.

  1. I LOVE the show so far! Oh and you mean “Gang Related” I’m currently watching that show as well. I need to check out Luther. It’s been on my list forever.

  2. I do the same, that whole association thing, I hear a word and I’m either singing, rapping, or recalling a line from a TV show. But I knew where you were going when you wrote this:

    “But I’m not in high school. So, I can bet on who’s going to die and which chick (possibly Mrs. Patrick played by Naturi Naughton) is going to place a flashy fur coat on an otherwise inconspicuous drug dealer and have him gone for a couple of Novembers.”

    I agree, it is a little predictable, even from the first episode, when characters first meet, for some reason, you see it all there, and I’m recalling our conversations about how I wish it happened in real life (well for me in particular) to know what kind of a person a person is in such a short amount of time. And the fact that you mentioned The Wire and Empire Boardwalk is what put the nail in the coffin as far as those being shows that were not predictable, that you really didn’t know what was going to happen. Shit would catch you way off guard, who would’ve thought Stringer Bell and Omar Little would go out the way they did? Who would’ve thought Chalky White’s character would have such an emotional unraveling? Who would’ve thought Eli Thompson would actually kill that agent?

    But that theme song is hella dope and I will continue to watch as well. It’s already been picked up for a second season, maybe they’ll get better, who knows.

    Oh and I too am a fan of multilingual television 🙂

    • Right…eli eli…i luv the theme song…which is krazy I haven’t like nothing of 50s since “hustler’s ambition” and before that since 8 mile soundtrack so…

  3. As I was watching Gang Related last night, I noticed something else I liked, multiracial cast. Shiiiiiiiit I might just write a letter to Fox about that lol.

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