“315Culture more than a cool logo. It’s a movement.”


How do you invoke change in a world were gratification must be instant?

Today, the word future is a word one must whisper, in fear of reality kicking in. Poor education systems, lackluster government, stifled job sectors, universal frustration, high levels of homelessness, and no end in sight wars. The list is limitless. 

The world needs fixing. Many would say its generation x and y’s responsibility to mend it. However, not the way we used to go about solving problems but innovatively and creatively. Anything and everything is at our fingertips because of the fast pace and revealing nature of technology.

We wear our thoughts on our sleeves, so to speak, in statuses and tweets, through Instagram. So why not place virtual thoughts onto products.  315Culture has done just that. They’ve “create[d] a brand that heightens awareness and inspires people of all cultures.”

These shirts are not about blind activism or lyrical revolution. 315Culture doesn’t want you to just rock Ernesto or Mandela. They want to enlighten you more to inspire more change. 315Culture is interested in our thoughts becoming actions—they are intrigued to know that our actions may alter reality. 315Culture has chosen words that are juxtaposed that will force forth discussions and debates: “citizens vs. government” and “drugs & politics.” 

Revolution is about cultivation.  315Culture is planting seeds. Seeds when watered correctly and with the right amount of sunlight will grow.  315’s movement is culture.  Its culture is change.  Developing in Detroit, Michigan but most noted for its roots in Philadelphia.  Connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at www.315culture.com.


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