Serena is a gawd.


“Society” has got things twisted: water recalls for potential E. coli contamination; real outrage over the symbolic removal of a loser flag (just one of them); the preposterous, lengthy due process for a terrorist who confessed to his crimes; cyber hacks that refuse to delete outstanding student loans; phallic leaks that are never in our fantasies and lastly an article released seventeen hours ago by a New York newspaper.

The article is about body image. What a girl, what a woman should look like. And it’s written by a man. The quiet insinuation is that Serena does not deserve her win because she’s too athletic, built like a man. The appropriation in the article is silly.

“Because I’m a girl” or “because, first of all, she’s a woman, and she wants to be a woman.” The implications that Serena is not a woman and was not a girl are so disrespectful. The talking about her without talking about her is cowardice. It’s ugly “journalism.”

This perverted world better wipe off its rose-colored lenses and realized its concept of beauty is defunct. No woman is the same. No athlete is the same, man or woman. Your hollow definition of femininity can’t even begin to encapsulate the voluminosity that is the black woman.

Don’t believe me check the shadows and selfies of the Kardashian sisters. Reference Rachel Dolezal. How about this, you stay lily white and she’ll be the ebony bombshell that you envy for more than her agility.

This is what I know. Serena Williams is a walking inspiration. She demonstrates great integrity and sportswomanship. It is clear that she trains and works hard so that when the day comes to compete she’s prepared. The idea that this little girl from Compton could set goals and accomplish them in ways unfathomable to those on the other side of the fence; is to be commended, celebrated, and honored.

The world is afraid of that kind of dominance. It’s why First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t receive the respect that she deserves. It’s why Oprah still runs into feats of racism. The world is afraid of a black woman that has her shit together.  Society is terrified of a black woman that is unapologetically fierce. The world is frightened of a black woman that loves herself. So, it beats her up, calls her out of her name and refuses to give her props without inapt think pieces. As if Serena is some science project that’s infiltrating the tennis world.

I can’t because she’s real.  Her curves are real. Her strength is real. It’s not even about being better or your acceptance. It’s about silence. Be quiet. The intent of the article was mostly likely not malicious, however, the execution was elementary at best. The idea that you can address the insecurities of body image by comparing women body shapes to one another is ignorant. Discussing exercise regimen, nutrition and self-love would have been a more sound approach—even then, that’s not enough because women are consistently bombarded with unrealistic expectations and patriarchal media fed desires. Fitness is key and each player has their own personal requirements. Their own personal best.

Real recognize real. If you can’t see Serena Williams for what she is, maybe you’re fraudulent.

Goddess. Beast mode. G’d up. Force to be reckoned with. Black woman magic.

We see you, Serena! Shine on!

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