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I’ve always wanted to live tweet/facebook about a show except I also don’t want to be one of those people you threaten to delete from your life because they ruined a show for you by giving you a play for play for every climatic scene. Shock and awe value can be completely obliterated if you dare to tune into social media whilst you can’t catch your show because you’re too busy adulting.

So I wrote my fleeting thoughts down about ATLANTA. So this verbiage ain’t about being grammatically correct. And I think I manage to not drop any serious spoilage.


Episode 1

Yo bf’s weird ass dream but its always about some chick, this ain’t titanic my dude

(this aint a spoiler because this so real life)

Black parents are the worst and the best, the mama is too trill for dat

When yo cuz got that one friend that don’t make sense but they both stay high so its kool

Downsouf beats bang!

All it takes is two seconds

I feel like I’m watching an Outkast album, like in the dungeon and when i walked upstairs I ended up in the “international playas anthem” outtakes

damn! 22 mins went fast as hell

Ep 2

Is it worth it keeping somebody else above water?

Sometimes its best to laugh until you can’t and savor that shit

A stranger ever start a conversation with you and tell you they whole life

And then that one friend say some real shit

He aint neva lied about 90s music

That lemon pepper shit be having MSG in it better known as meat crack

so…instant, loyal clientele

Fame be so fast seem like

Fans always love the song you hate

Lol lmao lol hhahaahahahahhahahahahahhaha (jail scene)

WTF!!?! (because it ended)

I love this song. Hooked!

I was gonna love this show regardless because of Donald Glover. Because Donald Glover is the shit. And hot (because nerds are..)! Plus he had me at biblioteca. Thanks to Outkast, I will forever think that ATL is a separate universe that’s just as black as Detroit used to be and free as George Clinton. This show ain’t contrived. It isn’t using outdated slang. The shit just is. I wonder if that’s because the writer’s room is black, blackedy black, black. I see u Donald. I believe!

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