HII NI YANGU (this is me).

a closed book worth opening. clumsy because gravity hates her. adores the old and cautiously welcomes the new. understands the power of words therefore she does not abuse them. assorted theoretic. her only enemy. deems that attitude reflects leadership. creatively endowed. ascension will be her most prized possession. a lotus trapped in the aura of a Venus fly trap. an in the closet hopeless romantic. knows that adversity introduces a woman to herself. claims that nothing is more accurate than that of your 1st mind free of influence, curiosity, and rationale. is laid back and avoids unnecessary drama at all cost. says that real, bonafide, genuine, authentic friendship is like finding forever. seeks to signify: complexity provides a fine line between eloquence and intricacy. “BE” by Common is the soundtrack to her life———

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