“What Am I Missing?”


Photo Courtesy Esquire, Imdb, Indiewire, Twitter, TheNerdFiles and FanPop

Initially, I was drawn to BBC’s “Luther” because of Idris Elba.  I watch the Toyota Avalon commercials with the sagacity of an obscure surveillance crew.  I am jealous of the photo, my best friend managed to take with him at a NYC nightclub.  Elba is arguably our guiltiest pleasure.  Besides my obvious slight fixation, the supreme eye candy on the small screen for a short, 58 minutes; Luther is definitely a contending crime drama.

On July 2, 2013, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther graced our televisions screens once more.  From intro to finish, nothing else exist.  Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus,” slithers through appropriately ushering in each episode.  Luther is a tormented but precocious English detective and member of the Series Crime Unit (SCU). “Luther” leads viewers on a trail, like a fly on the wall, of the unraveling of the human psyche, more often depraved minds.  As a reflex to his own demons and the demented nature of London’s most sadistic criminals. The show’s authentic gruesomeness, is not for the faint of heart.

Alice Morgan is my favorite character.  She’s a research scientist, the only character more adept than Luther but none the more, she’s a psychopath.  Other characters include Superintendent Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley), Detective Sergeant (DS) Justin Ripley (Warren Brown), Benny “Deadhead” Silver (Michael Smiley), and DS Erin Gray (Nikki Amuka-Bird).

The script is organically eloquent.  The acting is indubitable, theatrical dexterity.

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