“The Words”


Last night, well more like this morning at about 1:49 A.M., I searched the internet for reviews on the flick, “The Words.”  Every last site and critic gave it poor reviews.  The consensus is, is that “The Words,” tries to be smart but it’s just not that intelligent.

The movie has a nice line up: Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Wilde and others.  However, sometimes an all star cast equals too many egos which subsequently produce a terrible movie.  It’s about words. That’s all I’ll say because thefre is nothing worse than a perfect movie being ruined by a blabbering zealous (yes I’m using it as a noun) who can’t take the hint that you’re intrigued and will watch movie.  However, there would be no point if not only the ending is spoiled but also the middle and the beginning.

Critics told me that I would fall asleep.  I managed to stay awake completely and become invested in how the writers as well as the actors would smoothly tie in all layers without creating stark confusion and regret.  I like to think that I’m sharp enough to watch something without it being spoon-fed to me; drizzled with an apparent advertisement for some company and too suspenseful that my nerves are shot.  “The Words” left enough brain space for both introspection and retrospection.  It was clever enough, that disposition was comfortable and null of judgment.  You weren’t left sulking at your demons, present or otherwise.  Cooper was able to shed his comedic familiarity in order to be present in the flesh.  Without the blue, kick ass, and linguistics; Saldana was a lover, a friend and a wife–gentle and accurate in her responses to her mate.  Jeremy Irons tried without victory not to steal the show.

There were no extras, scenes that you could not rationalize.  No over the top emotions, as if the director demanded that the actors be people instead.  It was raw.  Not as refreshingly organic as “Things We Lost in the Fire.” I love Susanne Bier.  My point is sometimes; no most times you have to ignore the critics.  They’re so pumped on green screens, caffeine and themselves that they’re in no position to tell you what is and what’s not.

I’m glad I ignored the low ratings and cozied up on my comfy couch.  Good cinema.


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